Monday, July 4, 2011

Are we there yet?

The past few days have been full of seemingly disjointed events, but - in my opinion- they simply confirm my earlier suspicions that our current state is not a revolution, but merely the stage of strong protests. What has not been done far outweighs what was achieved.

Of course most will say that it is normal to be frustrated at this stage and all that other pep-talk, I understand pep-talk and support it wholeheartedly. I give it all the time when talking to frustrated people in Tahrir, the office and the street. But personally I strongly oppose the opinion that it takes 50 years for a revolution to be finished, this was good in the 19th. century and don't bring up Eastern Europe or Latin America examples also, that was last century over and above the fact that these countries needed to change everything political and economic. We do not need to do all that, we need to make Deep and Drastic reforms to an existing system.

The core of the current non-achievement is our chronic disastrous mismanagement of  revolutionary resources as well as other affairs. I'm biased towards management since I have been doing it for half my life, and this is how I analyse any situation. There is an inherent resistance to change in all establishments, bring a new manager in and see what happens. Everybody will do their utmost to make the new manager perform like the old -even hated- one. Change has to be swift, well conducted and consistent. Otherwise; you end up with a mediocre solution to any major problem. and this is exactly where we are at; "Mediocre". We did not even change the management! Our Cabinet is 90%  "Establishment"!  Jul8 8th. is trying to patch up the leaking pipe of public support with the duct tape of demands of minimum wage, swift fair trials of the murderers and some corrupted members of the "Current" regime, which has not been changed

Let's look at July 8th. planned sit-in demands, they are the same demands of Feb. 12th. (If not fewer) My expectation is that it's going to be a strong message, but certainly not as strong as it should, Why? simply because we have lost the most important asset -The Media- which is the strongest and most counter revolutionary weapon. All the support of the masses has been left to the same old propaganda machine to manipulate and distort public opinion. While now the major focus is on the Interior Ministry, a futile and effort consuming battle with little results. Apply the media pressure on any "Establishment" and see what happens. It's not enough to have a few hawling reporters in very few semi-independent newspapers and TV channels, while there are over 30 TV channels and 50 newspapers and magazines bombarding people with pure propaganda.

We have also lost the momentum needed to overhaul the media machine, we do not have a strong cause now to demand that needed overhaul and we will not get it. If we write a small piece of parallel history, and the media was truly purged and controlled by the people instead of the "Establishment"  in 6 months we would have had -at least- a half reformed police force and judiciary system, not to mention avoided other extremely harmful things like leaving Zakaria Azmy to freely "do his thing" in the presidential palace for a whole month!  . Political whores like the "MBs", Salafis and other "Parties" would have been very careful who to align their selves with and the SCAF would also not dare to be performing against people's wishes, instead; now they are the masters and manipulators. We certainly would not have this farcical argument about Constitution or elections come first and our economy would be in a much better shape.

There is a lot of talk about the appearance of the Tahrir people now and how the "Quality" of people has changed! This observation is correct. The people who have started on January 25th. have mostly withdrawn, feeling that they have performed their role and others simply gotten bored or frustrated while the activists have gotten fragmented into opposing coalitions and parties. Only the "Simple" sincere people remained hardcore and dedicated to the cause. Without getting accused of  being "Bourgeois" or other fancy terms, these "Simple" people come from environments that hold physical prowess in high esteem and macho is manifested in a generally violent attitude and loud voice, (as a matter of fact it's a part of our culture and has nothing to do with your financial abilities or class, observe how so called "Classy" people behave in any traffic accident). These "Simple" people were the foot soldiers of the revolution and they still are. It's the "Generals" who have failed.

I See July 8th. as an attempt to salvage the situation, Of course we will go on getting some things done in our own meandering way, but it will take much more sacrifices and longer than it should have had.

I once argued -and still believe- that Tahrir should have formed committees for each demand instead of these useless coalitions, each committee should be commissioned with only one job. One for Media, another for MOI, a third for Judiciary, Education, Martyrs Rights, Injured Rights and so on and so forth. I'm going to try and push this idea the coming few days and hope to get some people convinced.

See you all in Tahrir July 08.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Interesting Forwarded Emails: Save the Village

Interesting Forwarded Emails: Save the Village: " Sardarji is studying in the West as he is calling his mom: Sardarji: Mom, I have bad news for you; I have AIDS. Mother: Don't c..."

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Is this Intimidation?

Today is the day for blogging about Military Tribunals, Trials, Court Martials, name it as you please. The whole practice is against the law and human rights.

Why against the law? because we are not under Martial Law, no decree was issued to apply martial law, the constitutional declaration did not include it and we are currently ruled by Emergency State, which - although has been the tool for all past violations - entails due process. and is not being used as declared against criminals.

The most serious problem we have encountered since Jan 28th. and the complete withdrawal of Police Force along with letting loose the prisoners and all other conspiracies aimed at destabilizing security for the purpose of enticing fear and later to use this chaotic state  to clamp down on civilians under the pretext of restoring security.

Looking at what happened on March 9th. at the Egyptian Museum to Tahrir square protesters by MP. beatings, insults, electrocution and the outrageous "Virginity Tests" performed on Females! Isn't this intimidation?

Again, April 9th. Tahrir Square and the MP. but more serious this time with chasing protesters and using Live Ammunition! Does anybody know what really happened to the army officers arrested that day? did they have a fair trial? did they receive legal council? Was the law applied? same questions apply to civilians arrested that same day. More intimidation.

The lowest number estimated of civilians to have undergone military trials is well over five thousand! Most of them rounded up from the streets and jailed on trumped up charges. Nothing was actually done about security . Most of the real criminals are still out on the streets intimidating people and instilling fear, While people like Michael Nabil - a blogger - was sentenced five years for writing against SCAF! isn't this intimidation?

We have heard the word "Red Line" used in conjunction with criticizing SCAF often enough, especially by the official Media Machine; topped with Generals calling talk shows and practically chastising guests for overstepping "The Line". Bothaina Kamel was summoned for "Coffee" in the aftermath of her TV interview, later MP arresting civilians for distributing leaflets and hanging posters!  most recently Reem Maged, Hossam El Hamalway and Nabil Sharaf Eldin were also summoned for more "Coffee" at the Military prosecutor's office, more reporters are in line for these "Coffee" summons! All for the same reason of discussing the actions & decisions of SCAF or the outrageous violations by the MP and military trials. Obvious Intimidation.

The whole series of events leads to only one conclusion and that is "Intimidation" to all Activists, Reporters and in turn civilians that eventually support any civil movement. SCAF have a plan and they do not want Civilians middling with that. They will only tolerate mild criticism and will occasionally comply with a "Public Demand" as long as it does not interfere with the master plan.
The only effective tool the people (us) you and me; is public pressure, results are immediate before the promise of Big Friday protests. Activists in front of Military prosecutor's office and most importantly the few independent journalists and reporters that can carry the people's message across. We have no alternative but to keep up the pressure if we wish to see our country a free and democratic state and we have a long way to go, revolution is not even halfway there yet.

Power to the people.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

ثورة بالوكالة

حسنا ، والآن حان الوقت لبعض الواقع لأولئك الذين تحت أي وهم بأن لدينا ثوره فعلا ، يحزنني انفجار فقاعتك ، ولكن هناك بعض الحقائق الأساسية التي يبدو أنها طمست عن قصد أو بمجرد تجاهلها ، هذه ليست االمسألة الآن ، ما يهم حقا هو إلقاء نظرة على االأحداث القليلة الماضية ، ثم تحديد ما إذا كان لديك أي إقتناع بما اقول. وبكلمات واضحة  العسكر لن تسمح ان تسقط السلطة في أيدي الآخرين وهذا هو ما يحدث الآن. نحن بسذاجة قدمنا البلاد على طبق لهم. كيف؟ هذا هو جوابي.

القصة تبدأ في عام 1952 عندما 
استولى  بعض الضباط  على السلطة عن طريق الحظ ، خطا من التاريخ ، والملك التعب والتآمر مع النخبة - وبالطبع ،الأخوان المسلمون . تآمر الجميع ضد الديمقراطية بما في ذلك ناس مثل "السنهوري" رجل القانون!

أنور السادات كان الناجي الوحيد من غضبه ناصر الذى تمكن عمليا من لقضاء على جميع أشكال المعارضة ، ! لماذا؟ لأنه كان ينظر إلىه على أنه غير ضار وضعيف. قررأصحاب السلطة عندما مات عبدالناصر ، أن السادات كان دمية مناسبه. في نهاية المطاف ؛ تم القضاء على جميع 
معارضة السادات واستخدام الأدوات المتاحة من من الإسلاميين لتحويل اتجاه المجتمع من الاشتراكية إلى جناح اليمين التي تتوافق مع خططه المستقبلية.

ولكن السادات ؛ مع العلم أن خليفته يجب أن تأتي من المؤسسة العسكرية يقع في نفس الخطأ واختار "غير مؤذي" طرطور مثل مبارك ، وهذا هو  "التاريخ يعيد نفسه" يأتي في اختيار الدمي مرة أخرى، ومرة ​​أخرى تمكن الدميه من ترسيخ قوته وانه حتى لايقع في الخطأ الكلاسيكي لم يقم بتعيين "نائب" الوريث الطبيعي ، لأنه يجب أن تأتي من الجيش.ولعب معهم حتى اجبر الرجل القوي أبو غزالة على الخروج من الطريق ، واختار في نهاية المطاف طرطور و "غير مؤذي" قائد للقوات المسلحة الذي ظل في نفس المنصب على مدى السنوات ال 21 الماضية! هل هذاياقول لك شيئا؟ كيف البقاء تلك المدة الطويلة؟ وأنه ألم يحصل أخيرا ما كان في انتظاره؟ في الواقع نعم لقد حصل عليه.
بالطبع كان من الواضح أن جمال "مدني" ويجري اعداده لهذا المنصب. ليس بسبب تأثير أمه أو أي شيء من هذا القبيل ، ولكن لمجرد أنه كان دمية 
آخرى، ولكن هذه المرة للفريق الخاطئ. إذا تم دفع جمال في المنصب بأي وسيلة ،تأكد اننا كنا سنشهد  ا نقلاب عسكري و. سيكون مؤيد تماما من قبل الشعب الذي لن  يكن سيقبل هذا بطريقة أو بأخرى وسيناريو 1952 سيتكرر مرة أخرى .

لماذا يحتاج العسكر ان يكون في الحكم؟ والسبب هو ببساطة الجشع. انه ليس سرا أن هناك أموالا ضخمة فى  تجارة الأسلحة ، والمصالح التجارية التي تقدر بأنها تسيطر على حوالي 25 ٪ من اقتصادنا وبالطبع مكافأة نهاية الخدمة من التعيينات في مناصب حكومية عالية مثل االمحافظات و خلافه. لا احد من المدنيين سوف يأتي الى السلطة مع رفاقه ويسلب امتيازاتهم وفضح فسادهم.
جاء  ما يسمى 
لدينا ب "الثورة" الى الجيش بمثابة مفاجأة سارة ، "هدية" . نظرة على لعبة القط والفأر بين مبارك والعسكر ابتداء من 28. يناير ، خرجت أصوات نطلب منهم انقاذ الشعب ، عندما هزمت الشرطة تماما  ، مبارك بعث  الحرس الجمهورى ، تعرضوا لهجوم وحرق سياراتهم. و ماكان من مبارك عندما اصبحت الحالة يائسة ،إلا أن يطلب من الجيش السيطرة.

في اول ظهور لهم كان في استقبالهم  الشعب والجميع كان يقبلون بعضهم ، ويسمح لهم حتى بكتابه شعارات مثل "يسقط مبارك" على الدبابات وترك  وسائل الاعلام تبث هذا لل
عالم كله. و كان القصد بها لمبارك والمقربين وانها السبب نفسه الذى لم يفعلوا شيئا عند فتح السجون ، وحرق مقار الحزب الوطني و مراكز الشرطة ، وتعاونهم الواضح في موقعه الجمل.

وكان الغرض من كل هذه الإجراءات تدمير مصداقية آلية الحكم المدني فقط وترك الجيش كمنقذ. وكانوا في طريقهم والاسلاميون جاهزون ومستعدون للتوصل الى اتفاق و الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية كذلك ، الأمور أفضل بكثير مما كان يمكن أن يحدث مع انقلاب عسكري الذي كان من الصعب جدا حشد التأييد له من قبل الولايات المتحدة وبقية ما يسمى " العالم المتحضر "
والحدث الرئيسي في تطوير ما يسمى ب "الثورة" هو انهيار أمن الدولة. (؟ لاحظ كيف اشترك السلفىون) وأغرى الناس ساذجة للهجوم على مقارهم ، وبعد عرض واضح في اتلاف الوثائق ، وهذا يخدم غرضين ، الأول هو ما ادى الى تدمير أعتى آلة مدنيه ، والثاني ؛ السيطرة على الملفات للتستر على أي الممارسات القذرة أو استخدامها للضغط والابتزاز.
  لامبارك و
لا زوجته سوف يقدموا للمحاكمه
ولا عمر سليمان. مساعديه المقربين ، وبخاصة عزمي ، شريف ، سرور ، لديهم كل الأوساخ والاتفاق هو قضايا تافهه و مهلهله ، وربما تخفيف العقوبة ومن ثم الافراج بحاله صحية عندما يتم تعيين رئيس جديد، ولنفس السبب لماذا "يجب على الرئيس الجديد تعيين نائب الرئيس في غضون ستة أشهر" ، وليس على تذكرة الانتخابات نفسها وليس الشكل القديم نفسه؟ حتى يتم إختياره من العسكر.
لدي هاجس من الاشياء السيئة في المستقبل ، والمجلس العسكري الحاكم يقوم بكل التحركات الخاطئة عن قصد لإثارة الثوار والضرب والاعتقال والتعذيب والرماية بالذخيرة الحية مع الإذلال والعمل على ما يسمى "النخبة"   بعدم وجود الشفافية وإصدار قوانين مثيرة للجدل دون مناقشة شعبية ، والرقابة على الاعلام والانحرافات مع تمثيليات  الحوارات  الوطنية وتفتيت  للرأي العام. آلة الإعلام على قدم وساق تفعل هذا بالضبط.

الآن اللعبة الأكثر خطورة هو الخوف الاقتصادى ، ولا يشك أحد في لثانية واحدة أن ليس لدينا فعلا مشكلة اقتصادية ،  سبب كل الازمات الحالية هي الحكومة وليس الشعب. لدينا تقصير متعمد من الأمن ويتم ذلك لغرض تخويف المزيد من عامة االشعب وانتظار تحول الرأي العام مرة أخرى ليقول "الرجاء انقذوناا" ما سيؤدى الى اتخاذ اجراءات صارمة ضد أي من الحركات المدنية. كل الهواجس هناك.
  انا اصدر تحذير شديد من أن حملة التجويع ستبلغ ذروتها في شهر رمضان عندما يمكن تمرد الناس حقا للغذاء

واذا كنا لن نعود السيطرة على الأمور قبل شهر رمضان ،يمكننا جميعا وضع رؤوسنا بين أرجلنا ونقبل طيازنا  الثورية باى باى

Revolution by proxy

Alright; now is time for some reality checks for those under any illusion that we have actually revolted, It saddens me to burst your bubble, but there are some key facts that seem to be obliterated  -whether on purpose or just plain ignored- is of no matter now, what really matters is take a look at a few past incidents and events, then determine if my deductions have any merit. and in plain words The Military will not let the power fall into other hands and this is what's happening now. We have naively served the country on a platter to them. How did this come about? here is my answer.

The story starts back in 1952 when some rouge officers seized power by sheer luck , a fluke of history, a tired King and conspiring Elite with - of course- Muslim Brotherhood. Everybody conspired against Democracy including people like "El Sanhoury" the Law man!

Nasser practically eliminated all opposition, the only survivor of his wrath was Sadat! why? because he was perceived to be harmless and weak. When Nasser died, the people in power decided that Sadat was the perfect puppet. Eventually; Sadat eliminated all opposition and used the ever available tool of Islamists to shift the trend of society from socialist to a more right wing that conform with his future plans.

Sadat however; knowing that his successor had to come from the military made the same mistake and choose a "Harmless" weakling like Mubarak, and this is where the "History repeats itself" comes in, He was again chosen as the perfect Puppet, again the puppet consolidated his power and he did not make the classic mistake of appointing a "Vice President" the natural successor, because he had to come from the Military. he played them till he got the strong man Abu Ghazala out of the way, and eventually chose a weakling and a "Harmless" chief for the armed forces who has been in the same position for the past 21 years!!! does this tell you anything? how did he survive that long? and did he finally get what he was waiting for? yes indeed he did.

Of course it was apparent that Gamal "A Civilian" was being groomed for the post. not because of His mother's influence or anything like that, but simply because he was another perfect puppet, but this time for the wrong people. If Gamal was pushed into position by any means, rest assured that we would have had a military coup. and perfectly supported by the people who would not have accepted this one way or another and the 1952 scenario would be replayed all over again.

Why do the military need to be in control? The reason is simply greed. It's no secret that there is huge money involved Arms trade, Commercial interests that are estimated to control around 25% of our economy and of course the end of service bonus of appointments in high government positions like Local governments and such. No civilian is going to come to power with his cronies and take away their privilege and expose their corruption.

Our so called "Revolution" came to the military as a pleasant surprise, a "Gift" if you may. Look at the cat and mouse game played between Mubarak and the Military starting the 28th. of January, voices came out asking for them to save the people, when the police were completely defeated, Mubarak first sent the presidential guard, they were attacked and their vehicles burnt. when the situation was desperate, Mubarak had to ask the army to take control. 

On their first appearance they were greeted by the people and everybody was kissing everybody and they even allowed slogans like "Down With Mubarak" be painted on tanks and let the whole world media broadcast this. It was meant for Mubarak and cronies to see and It's the same reason they  did nothing about the prison breaks, the burning of police stations  NDP headquarters  and obviously cooperated in the Camel indecent. 

The purpose of all these actions was to totally destroy the credibility of the civil rule machinery and leave only the military as a viable savior and they had their way and in spades. The ever-ready Islamists were ready to strike a deal, USA is agreeable and things worked out much better than would have happened with a Military Coup which would have been very difficult to rally support for by the US and the rest of the so called "Civilized World"

A key event in the development of the so called "Revolution" is State Security collapse. The naive people were enticed to attack their headquarters (Notice how Salafies were present in this?), after the obvious display of destroying documents, this serves two purposes, first is pulling down the mightiest civil machine, second; seizing control of the files to cover up any dirty tracks or use them to coerce and blackmail.

Since the Hussien Salem Wild Card is on the loose, Mubarak & Wife will not be put on trial. Nor is Omar Suleiman. his close aides, Especially Azmy, Sherif, Sorour,  they have all the dirt, the deal is to get off easy, perhaps a reduced sentence on trivial cases and then release on health condition when the new Puppet is appointed president, the same reason why the "New President Must appoint Vice president within six months", not on the same election ticket and not the old format of "May Appoint"

I have a premonition of bad things to come, the Military Junta are doing all the wrong moves on purpose to provoke the revolutionaries, Beatings, Arrests, Tortures, Humiliations Shooting with live munition and for the so called "Elite" the lack of transparency and the passing of controversial laws without popular discussion, Media Censorship and distractions with several disjointed national Dialogs and general fragmenting of public opinion. The media machine is in full swing doing exactly this.

Now the most dangerous game is the Economy Scare, nobody doubts for a second that we don't really have an economical problem, all the current crises are caused by the government not the people. We have a premeditated lack of security and it is being done  for the purpose of further scare the general population and wait for the shift of public opinion again to say "Please save us" to really clamp down on any civil movements. All the premonitions are there.

I'm Issuing a severe warning that the starvation campaign will culminate in Ramadan when people really can revolt for food.

Beware and heed my warning, if we do not take control of of matters before Ramadan, we can all put our heads between our legs and kiss our revolutionary ass goodbye.

I'm going to Tahrir on #May27


Friday, May 13, 2011

Security & our Police Farce

The scene in Egypt now is definitely farcical. We have all kinds of playacting and the spectators are not amused at all, let's take these plays one by one and have a closer look.

1- Security and Police farce. I honestly cannot grasp in any measure this stupid scene, Why? simple; no facts are available, do we know how many police officers were on the force? NO, and now? NO, How many resigned or left the force? NO, How many refuse to work? NO. what is being done about all this? NO. we know absolutely NOTHING about the big black box called Police Force. Since we know nothing we can freely speculate and state a few notes about what we see. And i see the following.
- In the places where i see Police officers, they are sitting languidly in the shade receiving friends and doing NOTHING as if just being visible is enough to protect the nearby church, I'd say they are needed elsewhere. Although I'm Christian, i simply abhor the sight of security in front of churches, but since nowadays they are targeted, wouldn't it be more effective to show the army presence instead? No major muscle needed just a couple of armed soldiers will be enough. and get these so called trained police officers to do Police Work!!!!????
- Police Cars (Financed by us Citizens) are still taking the wives and kids to jobs, schools and markets .... etc. While they are waiting for receiving 200 new cars to help restore security! Any comments? How much of our money are we bleeding every day to pay for a non existent security! Shouldn’t these privileges disappear - at least for now- and use these cars for patrols?
- If we believe for a second that the force has been depleted of officers and other ranks, we can ask a simple question, how much of the existing force is on administrative jobs that can be performed by civil employees?  Does the traffic department need police officers in offices? Passport issuing? I.D. Cards........... etc, etc? at least half the force is on jobs that can be performed by civilians. We do not need Electricity Police, Or Tamween and so on and so forth, we can simply use All Officers to apply the law, whatever the infringement is. The rest can be on the street fighting crime.
-  Nobody sane enough is buying that the officers feel weak and broken. I'm more inclined towards Dishonest, why? now the game being played is let things deteriorate and have the people beg for us to be back the same old way, because simply they cannot function otherwise. Over and above regaining their lost privileges. As for the people resisting the work of police, i'm not buying that as a trend, isolated cases maybe, surely not a trend. It's stupid to assume that people that ask for security and refuse the help of the police. Yet, assuming this is the case i have a simple solution to this. We have a huge official media machine. Use it to explain the rights of citizens when dealing with police and proper procedure and basic rights (Like the Miranda Rights read in all American movies when the police is arresting a citizen) and on the other hand explain the penalties for resisting arrest or hindering justice, And most importatntly; police officers must all wear Clear Name Tags and must identify themselves correctly, that will eliminate many problems.
- Lower ranks are still extorting poor people and street vendors, same old corrupt practices are back in place and now even the game is richer, why? we have a complete chaos and there is no accountability, they are still taking "squeeze"  to just leave things be messy, and when asked why don't they do anything about it, the ready reply is "We have instructions not to cause problems" In other words they are living their best time, more mess, more money, and no accountability.
- Last but not least is State Security farce. now this is a major one. Does anybody believe that state security has been re-organized as claimed? I do not believe it for a second. Reason i say this is because according to our Minister of interior that they will only have three major branches (Cairo, Giza & Alexandria), while it has been published that they were practically all back to all previous branches. they still have their aides in all key jobs including public prosecutor and judicial. Look at Atfeeh, Quena and recently Imbaba. It is quite obvious that only State Security has the necessary agents and personnel plus the key information needed to start the agitation of  people, no need to go further than speculating on the complete intelligence failure we have (or the show of failure). Outside, We have "Other Known Countries" playing with our security, and inland we have "Counter Revolutionary Forces" what a joke! and what are we doing about this? Nothing! and why? you tell me.

In Conclusion of this part of the farces we are living, It's all intended and we are witnessing the result today 13 May 2011 at Tahrir Square. We stand for National Unity, Free Palestine and most amusing Down with Israel. 

Kiss your revolutionary aspirations goodbye for now.

Now after the events in Maspero and the Israeli Embassy and the performance of both the Army &  the Police Farce, the verdict is clear. They are there and can crack down on any event in force, not secure the country but to enforce the wishes of the Ruler. Comments?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Heliopolis tragedy and things of beauty

Today was a strange day! Since i can't sleep before dawn and had to wake up early to go to the bank to get some transactions done before it closes, i was - as expected - in a very grouchy mood, Actually; i'm in a grouchy mood no matter how long I've slept, have to take a couple of hours with coffee, newspaper and a couple of cigarettes before i can deal with the human race.

After Drinking my coffee, shower and skimming over the newspaper headlines, all in a great hurry, i rode my bike to the bank, traffic was horrendous, although; traffic is the reason i stopped using the car an use the bike, still; it took me 15  minutes to get from Hegaz to Triumph square. This, of course did not help my mood at all, over and above the fact that i received a torrent of phone calls and messages and i needed to get to the office in a hurry, anyhow, when i got there, parked right in front of the bank (at least no parking problem) and went in, I found that there were more than a hundred and fifty numbers in Que. "Shit" i said out loud.

I took a seat and started my favorite game on the mobile to pass the time, after a while and a couple of messages and phone calls, i got bored, my number was nearing; so i started looking around me, probably to see how many people i can find that share my state of frustration, i looked at faces searching for expressions, or body language that shows impatience, i didn't find anything interesting. i switched to women (i always found women's beauty soothing), most of the people in the bank were women!  and by beauty i mean any kind of beauty. it can be in a face, a figure, attire, voice, laughter, a hand move or the way a woman walks and  gestures. I was appalled. Out of nearly a hundred women in the bank, there were NONE. I found nothing of beauty to look at.

I'm not a sex maniac and certainly not going to harass anybody or even stare and ogle at a woman, still i like women's beauty, i take a fleeting look, nothing embarrassing, then i soak it in, mull over it it for a while, probably fantasize a bit if i see something outstanding, nothing more. I'm not attached and therefore i'm not cheating on another person, so -all in all - it's very proper. But the question that came to my head is why is there no beauty in such a crowded place, and how am i going to find a partner or a girlfriend that has a thing of "beauty" if all the women i see here and elsewhere are either down right ugly or intentionally so, if not by looks, then by attitude?

Luckily, my number came up soon, finished my business, went to the office, got the daily business out of the way, sorted a couple of nasty glitches and went home, Now is time to take it easy, shower, have another coffee, read the paper at leisure, eat, have a short nap and get the rest of the daily routine on the way,  be ready for whatever comes up, especially that it's a Thursday. Unfortunately, a family drama broke out and it went on for some time and i was back in a worse mood than i was in the morning. "To hell with it" i said and switched off my mobile, decided to sleep. After  a while of tossing and turning i switched  the mobile on again. As soon as it was on, it started ringing and a long lost friend was on the other end asking me what i was doing,? "Nothing" i said, "Why don't you come over and have a beer with me, i'm at  the club" he sounded jolly and i was in a rage, "Why the hell not" i said and was on my bike in 5 minutes.

Once i got there, i found him with one of his weird girlfriends, a new one that i haven't seen before, obviously they had one of his conversations of what he calls "Lama3kolism" and he always tells everybody i'm the guru of this way of thinking. Naturally; the lady was aggressive towards me without me even speaking to her. I ordered a beer and decided to be pleasant, no dice, my friend started on his "Lama3kolism" again and i was asked my opinion, bearing in mind that i was forced to sit with my back to all the women and was not able to see "Things of beauty" and since the lady herself had none that i can see. and usually i need many beers to be mellow and see beauty where it isn't, over and above my lousy day. I decided to amuse myself with "Lama3kkolism". In a short time, the first beer was finished, the lady was frustrated and it was time to go! "Shit" i said. I just got here! She was driving my friend and decided to dump him, he had to go to an engagement party and i had to drive him there and not leave him. He knows that normally I hate these parties, so to sweeten the deal, he told me that it was an Armenian party and there is lots of nice music and booze. It was held at one of these many secret places they still have tucked away all over Heliopolis.

After a very short drive, i was at a place that i passed by so many times and never knew that what existed inside was such a nice hideaway, I was pleased with Heliopolis for holding on to this small "Thing of beauty" and once we were inside i was awash with "Beauty". Ladies in very nice forms, beautiful short dresses some showing fantastic legs swaying to music and everybody having fun dancing to all kinds of music including 3adawya some of the ladies really knew how to dance and show their "Beauty".

Many drinks were forced on me by  friends i haven't seen in a long time and pretty soon i was in the party mood totally forgetting what a shitty day it has been, thankful for Heliopolis and "Things of beauty".

Truth is; beauty is in the eye of the "Beerholder".