Sunday, May 22, 2011

Revolution by proxy

Alright; now is time for some reality checks for those under any illusion that we have actually revolted, It saddens me to burst your bubble, but there are some key facts that seem to be obliterated  -whether on purpose or just plain ignored- is of no matter now, what really matters is take a look at a few past incidents and events, then determine if my deductions have any merit. and in plain words The Military will not let the power fall into other hands and this is what's happening now. We have naively served the country on a platter to them. How did this come about? here is my answer.

The story starts back in 1952 when some rouge officers seized power by sheer luck , a fluke of history, a tired King and conspiring Elite with - of course- Muslim Brotherhood. Everybody conspired against Democracy including people like "El Sanhoury" the Law man!

Nasser practically eliminated all opposition, the only survivor of his wrath was Sadat! why? because he was perceived to be harmless and weak. When Nasser died, the people in power decided that Sadat was the perfect puppet. Eventually; Sadat eliminated all opposition and used the ever available tool of Islamists to shift the trend of society from socialist to a more right wing that conform with his future plans.

Sadat however; knowing that his successor had to come from the military made the same mistake and choose a "Harmless" weakling like Mubarak, and this is where the "History repeats itself" comes in, He was again chosen as the perfect Puppet, again the puppet consolidated his power and he did not make the classic mistake of appointing a "Vice President" the natural successor, because he had to come from the Military. he played them till he got the strong man Abu Ghazala out of the way, and eventually chose a weakling and a "Harmless" chief for the armed forces who has been in the same position for the past 21 years!!! does this tell you anything? how did he survive that long? and did he finally get what he was waiting for? yes indeed he did.

Of course it was apparent that Gamal "A Civilian" was being groomed for the post. not because of His mother's influence or anything like that, but simply because he was another perfect puppet, but this time for the wrong people. If Gamal was pushed into position by any means, rest assured that we would have had a military coup. and perfectly supported by the people who would not have accepted this one way or another and the 1952 scenario would be replayed all over again.

Why do the military need to be in control? The reason is simply greed. It's no secret that there is huge money involved Arms trade, Commercial interests that are estimated to control around 25% of our economy and of course the end of service bonus of appointments in high government positions like Local governments and such. No civilian is going to come to power with his cronies and take away their privilege and expose their corruption.

Our so called "Revolution" came to the military as a pleasant surprise, a "Gift" if you may. Look at the cat and mouse game played between Mubarak and the Military starting the 28th. of January, voices came out asking for them to save the people, when the police were completely defeated, Mubarak first sent the presidential guard, they were attacked and their vehicles burnt. when the situation was desperate, Mubarak had to ask the army to take control. 

On their first appearance they were greeted by the people and everybody was kissing everybody and they even allowed slogans like "Down With Mubarak" be painted on tanks and let the whole world media broadcast this. It was meant for Mubarak and cronies to see and It's the same reason they  did nothing about the prison breaks, the burning of police stations  NDP headquarters  and obviously cooperated in the Camel indecent. 

The purpose of all these actions was to totally destroy the credibility of the civil rule machinery and leave only the military as a viable savior and they had their way and in spades. The ever-ready Islamists were ready to strike a deal, USA is agreeable and things worked out much better than would have happened with a Military Coup which would have been very difficult to rally support for by the US and the rest of the so called "Civilized World"

A key event in the development of the so called "Revolution" is State Security collapse. The naive people were enticed to attack their headquarters (Notice how Salafies were present in this?), after the obvious display of destroying documents, this serves two purposes, first is pulling down the mightiest civil machine, second; seizing control of the files to cover up any dirty tracks or use them to coerce and blackmail.

Since the Hussien Salem Wild Card is on the loose, Mubarak & Wife will not be put on trial. Nor is Omar Suleiman. his close aides, Especially Azmy, Sherif, Sorour,  they have all the dirt, the deal is to get off easy, perhaps a reduced sentence on trivial cases and then release on health condition when the new Puppet is appointed president, the same reason why the "New President Must appoint Vice president within six months", not on the same election ticket and not the old format of "May Appoint"

I have a premonition of bad things to come, the Military Junta are doing all the wrong moves on purpose to provoke the revolutionaries, Beatings, Arrests, Tortures, Humiliations Shooting with live munition and for the so called "Elite" the lack of transparency and the passing of controversial laws without popular discussion, Media Censorship and distractions with several disjointed national Dialogs and general fragmenting of public opinion. The media machine is in full swing doing exactly this.

Now the most dangerous game is the Economy Scare, nobody doubts for a second that we don't really have an economical problem, all the current crises are caused by the government not the people. We have a premeditated lack of security and it is being done  for the purpose of further scare the general population and wait for the shift of public opinion again to say "Please save us" to really clamp down on any civil movements. All the premonitions are there.

I'm Issuing a severe warning that the starvation campaign will culminate in Ramadan when people really can revolt for food.

Beware and heed my warning, if we do not take control of of matters before Ramadan, we can all put our heads between our legs and kiss our revolutionary ass goodbye.

I'm going to Tahrir on #May27


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  1. Keep the flame alive!
    I'm sure you will succeed. Hard times, I see. Take good care of yourself because the revolution needs you alive and healthy.