Friday, May 13, 2011

Security & our Police Farce

The scene in Egypt now is definitely farcical. We have all kinds of playacting and the spectators are not amused at all, let's take these plays one by one and have a closer look.

1- Security and Police farce. I honestly cannot grasp in any measure this stupid scene, Why? simple; no facts are available, do we know how many police officers were on the force? NO, and now? NO, How many resigned or left the force? NO, How many refuse to work? NO. what is being done about all this? NO. we know absolutely NOTHING about the big black box called Police Force. Since we know nothing we can freely speculate and state a few notes about what we see. And i see the following.
- In the places where i see Police officers, they are sitting languidly in the shade receiving friends and doing NOTHING as if just being visible is enough to protect the nearby church, I'd say they are needed elsewhere. Although I'm Christian, i simply abhor the sight of security in front of churches, but since nowadays they are targeted, wouldn't it be more effective to show the army presence instead? No major muscle needed just a couple of armed soldiers will be enough. and get these so called trained police officers to do Police Work!!!!????
- Police Cars (Financed by us Citizens) are still taking the wives and kids to jobs, schools and markets .... etc. While they are waiting for receiving 200 new cars to help restore security! Any comments? How much of our money are we bleeding every day to pay for a non existent security! Shouldn’t these privileges disappear - at least for now- and use these cars for patrols?
- If we believe for a second that the force has been depleted of officers and other ranks, we can ask a simple question, how much of the existing force is on administrative jobs that can be performed by civil employees?  Does the traffic department need police officers in offices? Passport issuing? I.D. Cards........... etc, etc? at least half the force is on jobs that can be performed by civilians. We do not need Electricity Police, Or Tamween and so on and so forth, we can simply use All Officers to apply the law, whatever the infringement is. The rest can be on the street fighting crime.
-  Nobody sane enough is buying that the officers feel weak and broken. I'm more inclined towards Dishonest, why? now the game being played is let things deteriorate and have the people beg for us to be back the same old way, because simply they cannot function otherwise. Over and above regaining their lost privileges. As for the people resisting the work of police, i'm not buying that as a trend, isolated cases maybe, surely not a trend. It's stupid to assume that people that ask for security and refuse the help of the police. Yet, assuming this is the case i have a simple solution to this. We have a huge official media machine. Use it to explain the rights of citizens when dealing with police and proper procedure and basic rights (Like the Miranda Rights read in all American movies when the police is arresting a citizen) and on the other hand explain the penalties for resisting arrest or hindering justice, And most importatntly; police officers must all wear Clear Name Tags and must identify themselves correctly, that will eliminate many problems.
- Lower ranks are still extorting poor people and street vendors, same old corrupt practices are back in place and now even the game is richer, why? we have a complete chaos and there is no accountability, they are still taking "squeeze"  to just leave things be messy, and when asked why don't they do anything about it, the ready reply is "We have instructions not to cause problems" In other words they are living their best time, more mess, more money, and no accountability.
- Last but not least is State Security farce. now this is a major one. Does anybody believe that state security has been re-organized as claimed? I do not believe it for a second. Reason i say this is because according to our Minister of interior that they will only have three major branches (Cairo, Giza & Alexandria), while it has been published that they were practically all back to all previous branches. they still have their aides in all key jobs including public prosecutor and judicial. Look at Atfeeh, Quena and recently Imbaba. It is quite obvious that only State Security has the necessary agents and personnel plus the key information needed to start the agitation of  people, no need to go further than speculating on the complete intelligence failure we have (or the show of failure). Outside, We have "Other Known Countries" playing with our security, and inland we have "Counter Revolutionary Forces" what a joke! and what are we doing about this? Nothing! and why? you tell me.

In Conclusion of this part of the farces we are living, It's all intended and we are witnessing the result today 13 May 2011 at Tahrir Square. We stand for National Unity, Free Palestine and most amusing Down with Israel. 

Kiss your revolutionary aspirations goodbye for now.

Now after the events in Maspero and the Israeli Embassy and the performance of both the Army &  the Police Farce, the verdict is clear. They are there and can crack down on any event in force, not secure the country but to enforce the wishes of the Ruler. Comments?

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  1. very analytical essay and right down to the point but i am not convinced to let it go we were persistent in our revolution and now we should continue to fight one way or another it is not only by demonstrations we should find other ways similar as media pressure or others by all means we will not stop!