Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Heliopolis tragedy and things of beauty

Today was a strange day! Since i can't sleep before dawn and had to wake up early to go to the bank to get some transactions done before it closes, i was - as expected - in a very grouchy mood, Actually; i'm in a grouchy mood no matter how long I've slept, have to take a couple of hours with coffee, newspaper and a couple of cigarettes before i can deal with the human race.

After Drinking my coffee, shower and skimming over the newspaper headlines, all in a great hurry, i rode my bike to the bank, traffic was horrendous, although; traffic is the reason i stopped using the car an use the bike, still; it took me 15  minutes to get from Hegaz to Triumph square. This, of course did not help my mood at all, over and above the fact that i received a torrent of phone calls and messages and i needed to get to the office in a hurry, anyhow, when i got there, parked right in front of the bank (at least no parking problem) and went in, I found that there were more than a hundred and fifty numbers in Que. "Shit" i said out loud.

I took a seat and started my favorite game on the mobile to pass the time, after a while and a couple of messages and phone calls, i got bored, my number was nearing; so i started looking around me, probably to see how many people i can find that share my state of frustration, i looked at faces searching for expressions, or body language that shows impatience, i didn't find anything interesting. i switched to women (i always found women's beauty soothing), most of the people in the bank were women!  and by beauty i mean any kind of beauty. it can be in a face, a figure, attire, voice, laughter, a hand move or the way a woman walks and  gestures. I was appalled. Out of nearly a hundred women in the bank, there were NONE. I found nothing of beauty to look at.

I'm not a sex maniac and certainly not going to harass anybody or even stare and ogle at a woman, still i like women's beauty, i take a fleeting look, nothing embarrassing, then i soak it in, mull over it it for a while, probably fantasize a bit if i see something outstanding, nothing more. I'm not attached and therefore i'm not cheating on another person, so -all in all - it's very proper. But the question that came to my head is why is there no beauty in such a crowded place, and how am i going to find a partner or a girlfriend that has a thing of "beauty" if all the women i see here and elsewhere are either down right ugly or intentionally so, if not by looks, then by attitude?

Luckily, my number came up soon, finished my business, went to the office, got the daily business out of the way, sorted a couple of nasty glitches and went home, Now is time to take it easy, shower, have another coffee, read the paper at leisure, eat, have a short nap and get the rest of the daily routine on the way,  be ready for whatever comes up, especially that it's a Thursday. Unfortunately, a family drama broke out and it went on for some time and i was back in a worse mood than i was in the morning. "To hell with it" i said and switched off my mobile, decided to sleep. After  a while of tossing and turning i switched  the mobile on again. As soon as it was on, it started ringing and a long lost friend was on the other end asking me what i was doing,? "Nothing" i said, "Why don't you come over and have a beer with me, i'm at  the club" he sounded jolly and i was in a rage, "Why the hell not" i said and was on my bike in 5 minutes.

Once i got there, i found him with one of his weird girlfriends, a new one that i haven't seen before, obviously they had one of his conversations of what he calls "Lama3kolism" and he always tells everybody i'm the guru of this way of thinking. Naturally; the lady was aggressive towards me without me even speaking to her. I ordered a beer and decided to be pleasant, no dice, my friend started on his "Lama3kolism" again and i was asked my opinion, bearing in mind that i was forced to sit with my back to all the women and was not able to see "Things of beauty" and since the lady herself had none that i can see. and usually i need many beers to be mellow and see beauty where it isn't, over and above my lousy day. I decided to amuse myself with "Lama3kkolism". In a short time, the first beer was finished, the lady was frustrated and it was time to go! "Shit" i said. I just got here! She was driving my friend and decided to dump him, he had to go to an engagement party and i had to drive him there and not leave him. He knows that normally I hate these parties, so to sweeten the deal, he told me that it was an Armenian party and there is lots of nice music and booze. It was held at one of these many secret places they still have tucked away all over Heliopolis.

After a very short drive, i was at a place that i passed by so many times and never knew that what existed inside was such a nice hideaway, I was pleased with Heliopolis for holding on to this small "Thing of beauty" and once we were inside i was awash with "Beauty". Ladies in very nice forms, beautiful short dresses some showing fantastic legs swaying to music and everybody having fun dancing to all kinds of music including 3adawya some of the ladies really knew how to dance and show their "Beauty".

Many drinks were forced on me by  friends i haven't seen in a long time and pretty soon i was in the party mood totally forgetting what a shitty day it has been, thankful for Heliopolis and "Things of beauty".

Truth is; beauty is in the eye of the "Beerholder".

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