Thursday, June 23, 2011

Interesting Forwarded Emails: Save the Village

Interesting Forwarded Emails: Save the Village: " Sardarji is studying in the West as he is calling his mom: Sardarji: Mom, I have bad news for you; I have AIDS. Mother: Don't c..."

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Is this Intimidation?

Today is the day for blogging about Military Tribunals, Trials, Court Martials, name it as you please. The whole practice is against the law and human rights.

Why against the law? because we are not under Martial Law, no decree was issued to apply martial law, the constitutional declaration did not include it and we are currently ruled by Emergency State, which - although has been the tool for all past violations - entails due process. and is not being used as declared against criminals.

The most serious problem we have encountered since Jan 28th. and the complete withdrawal of Police Force along with letting loose the prisoners and all other conspiracies aimed at destabilizing security for the purpose of enticing fear and later to use this chaotic state  to clamp down on civilians under the pretext of restoring security.

Looking at what happened on March 9th. at the Egyptian Museum to Tahrir square protesters by MP. beatings, insults, electrocution and the outrageous "Virginity Tests" performed on Females! Isn't this intimidation?

Again, April 9th. Tahrir Square and the MP. but more serious this time with chasing protesters and using Live Ammunition! Does anybody know what really happened to the army officers arrested that day? did they have a fair trial? did they receive legal council? Was the law applied? same questions apply to civilians arrested that same day. More intimidation.

The lowest number estimated of civilians to have undergone military trials is well over five thousand! Most of them rounded up from the streets and jailed on trumped up charges. Nothing was actually done about security . Most of the real criminals are still out on the streets intimidating people and instilling fear, While people like Michael Nabil - a blogger - was sentenced five years for writing against SCAF! isn't this intimidation?

We have heard the word "Red Line" used in conjunction with criticizing SCAF often enough, especially by the official Media Machine; topped with Generals calling talk shows and practically chastising guests for overstepping "The Line". Bothaina Kamel was summoned for "Coffee" in the aftermath of her TV interview, later MP arresting civilians for distributing leaflets and hanging posters!  most recently Reem Maged, Hossam El Hamalway and Nabil Sharaf Eldin were also summoned for more "Coffee" at the Military prosecutor's office, more reporters are in line for these "Coffee" summons! All for the same reason of discussing the actions & decisions of SCAF or the outrageous violations by the MP and military trials. Obvious Intimidation.

The whole series of events leads to only one conclusion and that is "Intimidation" to all Activists, Reporters and in turn civilians that eventually support any civil movement. SCAF have a plan and they do not want Civilians middling with that. They will only tolerate mild criticism and will occasionally comply with a "Public Demand" as long as it does not interfere with the master plan.
The only effective tool the people (us) you and me; is public pressure, results are immediate before the promise of Big Friday protests. Activists in front of Military prosecutor's office and most importantly the few independent journalists and reporters that can carry the people's message across. We have no alternative but to keep up the pressure if we wish to see our country a free and democratic state and we have a long way to go, revolution is not even halfway there yet.

Power to the people.

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